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       Family Room Entertainment (FMYR-FMLY)
  Family Room Entertainment Corp.--FMLY--- (“FMYR” or the “Company”) Plan of Operations is and continues as mainly an entertainment company. FMRY has been engaged in various aspects of the motion picture entertainment industry and currently has a small Library of films in distribution. FMYR plan, at this time, to look at and/or produce new films and look at potential entertainment projects/venture ; however, FMYR is actively seeking possible business opportunities in addition to Entertainment Film Ventures will be looking at Other Industries as well as possible acquisition and/or merger candidates.

More about Family Room Entertainment: Family Room Entertainment Corporation, is a Publicly held company trading on the OTC Markets, symbol "FMYR". Family Room Entertainment earns producer fees, and other revenue from its current film library and production related services for the entertainment industry.


“ FMYR shows it’s reporting and disclouser report as to be reported “
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